Concrete plants and equipment for construction

Protočna fabrika betona za izradu betonske smeše

Flow concrete plant for the preparation of a dry concrete mixture with 150 and 300m³ / h

Concrete is made using the mixers with continuous mixing process. In these concrete plants dosing process volumetric.

Mobile plant of 150m³ / h is placed on the frame size of 11,800 mm and is suitable for transport in a flat 40’ container or tug. Volumetric transporters regulate the dosage of aggregates through frequency converters. Rotating volumetric feeder, controlled by frequency converter, is dosing the cement. On the cement dispenser is installed the scale to control the dosage of required amount of cement. The dosage of water is regulated by a flow meter.

Loading of mixture onto trucks is done via belt conveyor

concrete plants and equipment for construction