Concrete plants and equipment for construction

Separators and crushers

Simi specializes in turnkey engineering of aggregates, powders, materials recycling and concrete plants processing facilities. Whatever your needs or expectations are, we always happily discuss your challenges and find the appropriate solutions together.

Since its creation, it is the work of a craftsman concerned with satisfying the customer which has guided the choice of products. It is therefore tailor-made and we always hope to be able to maintain friendly relations that allow us to consider the development of your activities.

Our engineering office handles all requests regardless of their economic importance. Its experience of more than forty years in quarry, gravel pit and sandpit activity is the guarantee of an appropriate and relevant response to the various questions. Our engineering office has absorbed activities where technical knowledge is mandatory to determine machining tolerances, the response to destruction linked to linear fracture mechanics and steel fatigue. This made it possible for us to extend the life of machines or machine parts beyond expectations.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for your concerns and various requests, we will try to respond appropriately. If this profile suits you, why not arrange an appointment?


1. Feeders Single and double rotor vertical shaft shredders
2. Rod mills, drum washers, cyclones
3. Gyratory crushers
4. Wringers, sand screws, water and sand pumps
5. Mobile primary and secondary crushing units
6. Mobile sorting groups
7. Impactors and hammer mills

concrete plants and equipment for construction