Concrete plants and equipment for construction

DENMARK - BSA 180HLST - March 2023

New 3.25m³ concrete batching plant installed in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Romania – BSA 60LS Mobil - February 2023

Simi installed a new mobile concrete batching plant in Bucharest for the company Autorav.

Hungary – Two New Concrete Plants - January 2023

Simi installed two new concrete plants of 30 m³ and 15 m³ per hour, with planetary mixers for the production of precast concrete in Budapest, Hungary.

Switzerland - Dehydrator for clay separation - January 2023

In cooperation with the ETC Consult from Geneva, Simi produced and delivered dehydrator for clay separation.

Serbia – BSA 60PLS - January 2023

Simi delivered and installed concrete plant with a planetary mixer for a pipe production line for Pestan company in Arandjelovac. The distribution of concrete in the hall is carried out by a Kibel ban manufactured by Simi.


Germany - BSA 80LS 4x25 - November 2022

The newest 80m³ Simi concrete batching plant installed in Berlin for Anes Bau GMBH

concrete plants and equipment for construction