Concrete plants and equipment for construction

Systems for recycling

SIMI plants for recycling of concrete consist of one device for crushing the concrete and separate aggregates from cement. The aggregates return to the landfill, while the grout is deposited in the pool and diluted with clean water during rinsing. The whole process is automatic programmed for various regimes of the work (summer, winter, low temperatures; etc.). Recycled cement water will be held in liquid form through the mixer, which according to the program keeps it in constant liquid. The same cement water returns to the process of concrete production through the balance of the water. With this mode, the cycle is closed and there is no run-off water from washing into waterways, and therefore no pollution of the same with additives that are added to the concrete.

The plant consists of:

  • Bunker for dump concrete and water from washing concrete trucks, concrete pumps and mixers for concrete.
  • The device for separating the aggregate from cement
  • Lines for washing auto mixers
  • Lines for washing unloaded bunker
  • Lines for pushing recycled water in the process
  • The lines for feeding the plants with fresh water
  • Electrical command cabinet
  • Agitator - mixers for maintaining recycled water still liquid
  • Required number of sludge pumps to complete the process of achieving automatic operation

concrete plants and equipment for construction