Concrete plants and equipment for construction

Silo and silo equipment

Silos are used to store cement and fine powder materials with bulk mass of up to 1.4/m³. Silos are made of sheet steel, have cylindrical shape with a conical end. Silos rest on the ground, placed on supporting structures - silo legs. There is a hatch enabling emptying of materials on the lower part of silo, equipped with butterfly valve suitable for connection with screw conveyor. There is always a cement duster on the silo roof. SCV silos of 30, 60 and 100t are closed structures. SCM silos of 200, 250 and 500t are prefabricated constructions. SCT silos of 60, 80, 100 and 120t are telescopic constructions, which enables quick assembly and lower transport costs.

Filters for silos

Filters for silos are placed on silo top in order to collect dust during pneumatic silo filling. Silo filters have a vibrator which shakes the bags and returning excess dust back into silo. The most frequently used filters are from 9 to 24.5m2.

Screw conveyors

For more than four decades, Simi screw conveyors have become synonym for cement transportation throughout Europe. We produce and offer wide variety of screw conveyors with different dimensions and capacities, in order to meet customer needs with precision and ease.

Safety valve for silo pressure control

Safety valve is placed at the very top of silo, and is used to reduce pressure in situations of abnormal pressure increase in silo.

Measuring cement level in silos (continuous)

The continuous cement level meter gives you information about the current amount of cement in silos at all times. This meter will significantly contribute to time saving, and enable you to make the best and timely decisions.  

Measuring cement level in silos (max and min)

Rotating meter for measuring the level of cement in silos is the right solution for your business if you do not need information in real time. This device signals when the amount of cement in the silo is at a preset minimum or maximum.

concrete plants and equipment for construction