Concrete plants and equipment for construction

Mobile concrete plants

SIMI mobile concrete plants are equipped with modern computer systems, and they allow you to make high quality concrete at the construction site and thus significantly reduce the cost of transportation of concrete.

SIMI mobile concrete plants can be equipped to operate in winter conditions (embedding of concrete plant - hypothermia).

When buying SIMI mobile concrete plants our specialists will do the installation, commissioning and training of your personnel in the shortest time.

Basic advantages of SIMI mobile concrete plant

  • 1. Compact design
  • 2. Low cost of installation
  • 3. Low transportation cost
  • 4. Short installation time and dismantling
  • 5. Ability to work in winter conditions
  • 6. Equipped with the latest computer systems
  • 7. High quality product

Models of SIMI mobile concrete plants (capacity in m3 / h):

  • MOBIL BSA 15
  • MOBIL BSA 20
  • MOBIL BSA 30
  • MOBIL BSA 45
  • MOBIL BSA 60
  • MOBIL BSA 90
  • MOBIL BSA 120

concrete plants and equipment for construction