Concrete plants and equipment for construction

Systems for control concrete plants

Devices for heating and cooling of concrete

With busy developing infrastructure around the world there is growing demand for quality building materials. Deadlines for completion are getting shorter, so that today the construction works are carried out regardless of weather conditions. Devices for heating and cooling of concrete are designed to reduce the influence of cold winters and hot summers on building of civil structures. SIMI Company offers solutions for production of concrete in all climates around the world.

Heating of concrete

Devices for heating concrete can heat up to 100 m³ of concrete 18°C for one hour during winter operation. Heating aggregates is carried out with hot air while water heating is done with minimum fuel consumption. Heating process is fully automatic and control is performed via the "touch screen".

Devices for cooling of concrete

  • Cooling of aggregates with cold air
  • Cooling water with a temperature of + 45°C to + 4°S
  • Cooling of cement

Completely embedded concrete plants for winter conditions

SIMI concrete plants could be “warmed up" for easier operations in different climate conditions.

  • Simple metal construction
  • Cladding with 5 mm thick panels
  • Closing caps for in-line silos

concrete plants and equipment for construction